Travel Expert Provides Three Simple Steps for a Stress-Free Vacation

CHICAGO (May 22, 2007) – Memorial Day Weekend is one of the busiest times of the year for travelers . As millions of families prepare for their summer vacations, parents may be cringing at the thought of a road trip or cross-country flight – sometimes “family vacation” seems like an oxymoron! The good news is that parents can reduce the stress of travel by taking a few simple steps, according to family travel expert Suzanne Rowan Kelleher, co-founder of, which provides travel advice for parents with kids under 18.


“Like anything you do with kids, traveling is a lot easier when you take some time to plan for foreseeable hiccups,” says Kelleher. “Doing your homework before you go can prevent a lot of hassles later.”

Kelleher recommends three simple steps to a stress-free vacation:

  • Let Kids Get Involved: Kids get more excited about the trip when you plan together. Read books or rent movies together, which are set in your destination. Let everyone create a wish list of places to see and things to do, and try to incorporate at least a few of each child's picks into your daily itineraries.
  • Research Family-Friendly Lodging: Just because a hotel's Web site features a photo of a family doesn't mean that it caters to kids' needs or interests. You can tell a lot by asking some basic questions: Does the hotel offer any family deals? Is there a swimming pool? Will our room have a small fridge and/or a microwave? Does the restaurant offer a kid's menu? Can I get a crib or rollaway cot at no extra charge?
  • Pack Wholesome Snacks: Pack a mom on-the-go tote bag and fill it with the kid's favorite foods and beverages to eliminate trips to fast food restaurants. Items for the tote include: •
    • Wet wipes and individual trash bags for easy clean-up
    • Portable snacks, such as Quaker Granola Bites, are a fun way to curb kids' cravings and make little mouths happy
    • Sports bottles or no-spill sippy cups for little tykes filled with water or juice
    • Zip-top sandwich bags are terrific for carrying fruit, and can be resealed to carry any half-eaten leftovers

    “As a mom, I know how hard it is to eat well all of the time when you're on the road. While I can't control what's available on a restaurant's menu or at a theme park's concession stand, I can control which snacks we bring along,” said Kelleher. “Quaker Granola Bites are fun to eat and very portable – the individual packets require virtually no clean-up and come in take-anywhere packaging.”

    Served in 90-calorie portion-controlled packs, Quaker Granola Bites fit conveniently in a lunch box, purse or travel pack. These bite-sized, mouth-popping snacks make the experience even more fun for the kids. Made with two grams of fiber and whole grain Quaker Oats, Granola Bites are a great way for parents to deliver whole grain goodness to their family, even while traveling.

    “Quaker Granola Bites are a wholesome snack that moms can feel good about giving their kids,” said Heather Vergara, director of marketing, Quaker Snack Bars. “Quaker Granola Bites offer families the simple goodness of toasted Quaker Oats with tasty kid-appealing flavors for a delicious on-the-go snack.”

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